Xmas and NYE round-up

We went to Will's mum's house for a couple of nights for New Year's Eve.     In probably uninteresting news, I've decided to stop straightening my hair and try letting it go curly again. Even though I don't actually like that look on myself. Relaxing it is hard these days as my sister is … Continue reading Xmas and NYE round-up

Nightmares in neurology

You probably remember that I've been waiting for a neurology appointment RE: issues relating to migraines. I got letters pushing my appointment back TWICE, because the neurologist was on holiday, there apparently wasn't anyone else we could see, and we were told that if someone else cancelled an appointment, it would be given to me … Continue reading Nightmares in neurology

World War Z and the nightmares it gave me

I've almost definitely said before that I am a bit of a kinemortophobe. I assume the "kine" part is for moving and the "morto" is obviously for dead. So, moving dead, I am afraid of them. Sentient dead would be a more accurate descriptor of what puts the shits up me, but something dead could be completely and utterly mindless … Continue reading World War Z and the nightmares it gave me