Jane’s visit and Freya’s birthday

Our friend Jane came down to visit this weekend. She didn't manage to make it to our last couple of barbecues, so I decided to bring a small barbecue to her instead. And on Sunday it was Freya's birthday!Knot-a-collar by Ruffwear as Freya's present.Some smoke that wasn't us.Speakers.Grumpy and happy Halloween glasses.A burger.Freya's ice treat.My … Continue reading Jane’s visit and Freya’s birthday

Christmas 2015

Traditionally, I celebrated Yule and the Winter Solstice with my family. But now I'm more focused on Hanukkah, which finished a while ago this year, and my partner celebrates a secular Christmas. So that's what we've focussed on this year.Hanukkah is set to overlap with Christmas in 2016 though, so it should be really fun.Here … Continue reading Christmas 2015