Some insomniac ramblings about a house

Hey it's ya girl Letti and I'm still not sleeping at correct hours. I might be in a bit of a manic period where I have 5 million ideas a minute. So there's this housing development I've got my eye on. It hasn't actually got planning permission yet but I'm hoping it goes through because … Continue reading Some insomniac ramblings about a house

The 30 degree night

I suppose we've been quite busy recently. Biggest news is no doubt that I did my first Twitch stream! Painfully missed my usual summer TR marathons with people so decided to finally start streaming and at least be able to talk to them that way. Might try and get Discord working next time so we … Continue reading The 30 degree night

Radio silence

I apologise for it but I also may as well cut to the chase about why. I have a stalker. An actual, real psychopath who surfaces every two years like clockwork and throws unmitigated rage at me for a few months until they forget about me again. They escalate a bit more every time. Last … Continue reading Radio silence