Pictures of my gross hand

If you’re into that sort of thing.





As much as I can straighten the finger.
Really not sure how I could not have gone through the extensor tendon.

I’ve got gradually better at looking at it without completely freaking out.

Today is the first day that the top of the knuckle hasn’t split and bled when the old dressing was taken off. It did bleed earlier in the day however, not only because I managed to smash my phone into my finger like the pro I am, but also because I just keep accidentally stretching the finger and hurting myself. I put thinner dressing on so it was easier to shower, but it turns out I just injure myself more if I don’t wrap it to the point of immobility.

Still not sure I’ll be ready to have stitches out on Monday. Worried the tendon has been cut because I can’t straighten the finger or even lift it to the same height as the others. I can’t believe it’s almost been an entire week since I did this horrible thing!

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