Because I love my current house

It’s not a secret that I love our house. I like its layout, and it’s perfect for the current stage of our lives. It’s got a great amount of downstairs room for wheeling around, and no steps into the kitchen! It’s so nice.

As usual, there are things I’d change about it though. So because floorplans seem to be the only thing my brain can do at the moment, I went and made one based on our current house, but with a lot more space, and extra bedrooms. This could feasibly be a multi-generational house, although it has fewer bedrooms than my last idea of this nature. This design is also 12 x 12 metres.

I went mad for built-in storage this time too.

In 3D.
I forgot to put a door on the boiler cupboard, because me.
The kitchen furniture is just to give a general shape, and isn’t necessarily how I’d actually have it.
Need all that bedroom space so we can still move around when Will drops things all over the floor! Also dogs.
We don’t have a utility room in our actual house. Or a wheelchair lift, sadly!
Shower curtain helpfully piercing through the rooflight there.
Not sure I’m a fan for that other TV being there, would probably be better if a conservatory was a 2nd lounge for whoever wanted to break off.
I like the idea of that cupboard being accessible from both rooms.
I like the idea of Will and me having attached corner desks when we inevitably both have desktops.
I would of course have a side-opening bathtub.


I would be very happy to live in this house.


Floors merged
Floors on top of each other.

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